Types of Adoption




If you are considering adoption, you can choose from several different types of adoption. It is important to understand each of the choices.

Open Adoption

Open adoption is now the most common form of adoption. With an open adoption, you will choose the parents for your child, and after placement, you can receive updates, photos, social media contact, and even occasional visits.

Semi-Open Adoption

Semi-open adoption is similar to open adoption in that you will know who the adoptive parents are, and they will know who you are, but there is less contact and perhaps only occasional updates.

Closed Adoption

A closed adoption is one in which the adoptive parents and the birth parents do not have any contact with each other or information regarding each other. There is no personal information shared before or after placement.

Kinship Adoption

In the case of a kinship adoption, a family member adopts your child. It is important to understand that, as is the case with other types of adoption, kinship adoption means the family adopting your child will be the permanent parents to your child. This is different from a guardianship arrangement.

Foster Adoption

Foster adoption generally occurs when a child has been placed in foster care, and the courts decide that reunification with the biological parents will not happen. In this case, the parental rights can be terminated, and the foster parents can adopt the child if they choose. In a foster care adoption, the biological parents generally do not have a say in who the foster parents will be.

There is no right or wrong adoption choice. This is a personal decision that only you can choose.

When you call, text, or email the National Adoption Hotline, a representative can discuss the different adoption options with you so you can decide which type of adoption is best for you and your child.