To the staff at National Adoption Hotline,

The reason I decided on adoption for my son was wanting more for him. Love was the most important of the reasons. I just wanted to make sure that he would be LOVED. I knew that I could have given him all the love he needed, but that was probably all I could have given him. The parents he is with have much more and that has allowed me peace in my decision. I am glad I had support from your staff and my friends!

Thank you so much for all your support and help throughout my adoption process. I didn’t know where to start until I called the National Adoption Hotline! I am so happy with the way everything turned out and am so happy I chose to contact you. It has been such an amazing experience and am so blessed to have worked with you!

I thank you for your help throughout this process. It is still difficult to deal with, although, I did what was right under the circumstances. I thank you for honoring our confidentiality and treating me with dignity and respect. Words cannot express the gratitude felt for your assistance…God bless!